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So you may know that I deleted the content of my blog and then wasn’t able to import the XML file properly so I was going to start from scratch. But then my blog pretty much languished for a summer. And now I’m shamed by my empty blog, so I thought I would manually add the previous posts. I read them and decided that the one for my internship project was really the only one that needed to be replicated. However, I did some post some awesome links posts/digital curation called Linkylous. This post is the manual recreation of those posts with extra curation (because some of those links were really ‘in the moment’ type links).

Francesca Mari at the Paris Review discusses whats on your bookshelf

Avi Steinberg (also at the Paris Review) discusses the mystique of the sexy librarian

John Farrier discusses digital content curation

From 2006, but still very relevant! Meredith Farkas offers some insight on skills for the 21st Century Librarian

I know this one has been around for a while, but look at some pics of Cynthia the Mannequin, a 1930s superstar!

My favorite column from McSweeney’s: It’s All Greek to Me: A Column on Sororities in the South

If you’re feeling crafty, give this DIY Heart Cut-out Cardi a go.

Awful Library Books offers some great librarian-themed romance novels.  The Major & the Librarianis right up my alley.  The post also links for a few other classics.

Get a degree in Advanced Style from photographer Ari Seth Cohen.

Tired of saying “you’re awesome”?, Unicorns for Socialism has 50 new ways to expand our praisecabularies.

Yes & Yes wants you to make a wall of goals instead of your usually handwritten on notebook paper list tacked to the mirror.

So those were the links that made the cut!

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August 30th, 2012 at 7:24 am

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